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Functions, Functions National Education Development Plan; preschool, primary, secondary and Higher Education; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Education.

Actualizado: 19 de diciembre de 2015

The Ministry of National Education, in addition to the duties assigned by law, shall comply with the following (Article 2 / Decree 5012 of December 28th, 2009):

1. Formulate the national policy on education, regulate and establish the criteria and qualitative technical parameters that contribute to the improvement of access, quality and equity of education, in comprehensive care in early childhood and at all levels and modalities.

2. Prepare and propose development plans of the Sector, particularly the National Education Development Plan, summoning local authorities, educational institutions and society in general, so that the needs of economic and social development are addressed.

3. Issue the regulations for the organization and pedagogical and technical criteria for comprehensive care in early childhood and the different modalities for the provision of educational services, to guide education in the levels of pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher education and comprehensive care in early childhood.

4. Offer advice to Departments, Municipalities and Districts in issues related to education, in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity, in the terms defined by the law.

5. Promote, coordinate and finance national programs for educational improvement to be determined in the National Development Plan.

6. Ensure compliance with the law and regulations governing the Sector and its activities.

7. Evaluate, on a permanent basis, the provision of educational services and disclose its results to keep the community informed about the quality of education.

8. Define guidelines for the promotion of education for work and human development, establish promotion and quality assurance mechanisms, and regulate the National Information System and promote its use to support decision-making in education policy.

9. Manage the administrative activities of the Sector and coordinate cross-cutting programs.

10. Direct the National Education Information System and the National Accreditation and Educational Evaluation Systems.

11. Coordinate all educational activities of the State and of those who provide public education service throughout the national territory, in collaboration with related bodies, territorial entities and the educational community.

12. Support the local and institutional autonomy processes by formulating general guidelines and indicators for monitoring and controlling the administrative and pedagogical management.

13. Promote the participation of the media in the processes of permanent integral education.

14. Promote and manage international cooperation in all aspects of interest to the Sector, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

15. Suspend the legal capacity of territorial authorities for the administration of public education services and temporarily appoint a special administrator in accordance with the provisions of Article 30 of Law 715 of 2001.

16. Direct the process of assessing the quality of higher education for its operation.

17. Develop the policy and advance processes for recognition of titles awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions.

18. Develop policies for the promotion of Higher Education.

19. Other duties as assigned.

Functions, Functions National Education Development Plan; preschool, primary, secondary and Higher Education; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Education.