Actualizado el 24 de Mayo de 2010


Policy and Regulation definition

MEN, based on constitutional and legal regulations, generates the sector policy and regulation applicable for the organization of different education public service categories in order to lead education in the levels of pre-school, basic, high school and higher education, work education and human development.

Distribution and follow-up of financial resources

This means the distribution of resources coming from the General Participation System (SGP, acronym in Spanish), Law 30/93, Law 21/82, and the expansion of the coverage according to methodologies established to do so. On these resources, MEN perform the follow up to both execution and application.

Project development

Projects are initiatives generated in the Ministry of Education and whose object is to reach regional entities, departments of education and public higher-education institutions to grant expansion of education coverage, improvement of education quality and relevance and efficiency of the education sector.

Technical support

It deals with the service provided to generate and strengthen institutional capacity and development of competences among regional certified departments of education and higher-education institutions in politics-related aspects by developing different mechanisms to serve specific needs in terms of management, accompanied by technical instruments to improve the supply of the education service.

Provision of procedures to assure quality in higher education

Through this service, information requests are received, they are processed and specific answers related to insurance of higher education quality are generated.

Information supply and communication

The Ministry of National Education informs and communicates its customers (higher-education institutions, regional entities) information generated as part of its institutional objectives according to regulations in force and it is thus responsible for taking care of their information requests.

Organization chart

With the issuance of Decree 1306 of April 17, 2009, changes within the staff of the Ministry of Education were approved. See the new organization chart.